Shih Tzu'  En Vogue 

                             I breed for health as well as looks!

My boarding is excusive to small dogs... If you have a dog that needs med's given including Insulin shots I can do that... I do require that the dog be on heart worm and flea free and  I do not require that the dog has Bordetella in fact I would rather the dog does not have it. When a dog receives this vaccine it gives them the virus and they pass it on to other dogs. The dog is just better off getting it and going though it. because some dogs do not get it and others very slit case and other may have it a little longer.  If you give them the vaccine they will come down with it.

                                                                                          Board fee is $15 per-night. 


You may also request to have your dog groomed before they go home. ( Grooming fee applied )